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Apps Development

Application development is a necessary part of CRM “Customer Relationship Management” platform. When a business recognizes the need for additional programs to make CRM process run more smoothly they will either hire someone to develop an application for them or have in house IT professionals do it instead . Application are written using an open source code such as JAVA or can be easily built by a simple paint & click method. Developing application involves is a multi step process that when will help the business function better & streamline processes to make tasks more efficient.

Application/Software Maintenance

Improving usability, stability & lifespan Of business critical application through world class software application maintainance services. Neomorphic Systems software application maintainance services:- Neomorphic Systems provides services for end to end software application maintainance Working from the initial troubleshooting of an issue theough the release of software patches.

Corrective software maintainance

For fixing issues or defects reparted by users. Prevetive software maintainance:- for finding & correcting problems or potential problems before they are noticed by users. Perfective software maintainance:- for improving performance & stability of software application. Adaptive software maintainance :- for keeping products usable in a changing environment. Our software application maintainance services include:-- • Detect analysis trouble shooting and bug fixes. • Application upgrades and service patche. • Performance reviews & improvements • Application testing • Functionality enhancement • Software maintainance planning & reporting

Benefits of Neomorphic Systems software application maintainance services

Our software maintainance process lifecycle includes service for everything from fixing small defects to handling complex challenging which ultimately leads to a significant reduction of your software application maitainance costs. Our software maintainance team stays current with the lates industry & technology trends, keeping your business competitive & aligned with the industry standards. Our reverse engineering process ensures quality results with speedy delivery.